Wednesday 2 November 2011

Advice for Chics

I would hate it if Bitsnbobs (the blog which, if it doesn’t have brains, has prawns*) was criticised for not helping others.

I mean, I ask you, what IS the point of a blog if it doesn’t reach out to help others?


If you find yourself following a recipe – chickpea and pumpkin salad – and when you get to the bit that says, “1-2 small red chillies, deseeded, membrane removed, finely chopped” you do the first bit with your fingers….

And when the mixture is cooking alone in the oven you decide to jump into a hot steaming bath…..

And instinctively you throw hot water over your face, repeatedly, and then rub the healing splash into your face……

You WILL end up with burning eyes.

Might be best not to touch your willie either.

* joke (prawns/brawn) The Editor.


Anne Hodgson said...

The only chickpea story I have is that while Hummus is yummy, boiling chickpeas makes your home smell so bad you can't stay at home to mash them up for dinner.
This has nothing to do with anything, but I too am trying to be helpful.

What a delightful van, by the way. Is it the egg man or perhaps a camper, after all?

popps said...

So, you left Potsdam because of chickpea smell?
The van is Pizza woman - very tasty (pizza).

Anne Hodgson said...

I'm still in Potsdam through Dec 15, and am planning to boil those chickpeas on Friday so the fumes can disperse and the hummus can be mashed and spiced and the kitchen then throughly aired in time to cook up a full menu of couscous and lamb and veggies and soup, all enveloped in delightful aromas. I sort of have to figure out where to get the lamb though. Hm. In Berlin, I tell you, all these things will be far less complicated.

Anne Hodgson said...

So the party is on Saturday. Want to come?

popps said...

Love to!
Weird that you ask, up until a week ago i was planning to be in Berlin at Christmas!
last minute change of plan.

Anonymous said...

Anne, you're moving from Potsdam? To Berlin maybe?

Vicki said...

Sorry, that last question wasn't written by Anonymous - It was written by me.

popps said...

Wow vicki, when you decide to comment you really do! absent for yonks, then a veritable torrent and then, then, double comments under a pseudonym!!
Hang on...
Have you become a bot!!
did Stepford Wives get you?

Vicki said...

Yeah, I'd missed a lot but no doubt I'll quieten down soon. Just gotta get over the excitement of being back.

popps said...

No it's good, keep trawling.