Monday 17 October 2011

Tripel A

Talking of cars, as we were yesterday…॥

You know those automatic car wash places where there is a hand held high speed jet cleaning thing and you put a coin or a token into the slot and you can spray the car?

Are you meant to get wet?

Talking of cars, as we were yesterday…..

My daughter had her first driving lesson, she’s 16. I sent here a text.

“How did it go?”
“It was soooooo cool! I did everything, pedals and all! I went up to fourth gear and did 70 km/hour.”

Something new to worry about then.

Talking of cars, as we were yesterday, did you see the poem Mary left in the comments?

I wish I could write something that good.


Anonymous said...

Slow down Minnie x
Mirror horn manouver - I just prayed for a man with gumgum and a will to mend my exhaust do you think zita could pass the message on to another saint x

Anne Hodgson said...

How does the mirror horn manouver go?

popps said...

I'm not sure i know anne, this is Saffron - maybe it's look in the mirror to see if the police are around,blast the horn, make a quick getaway?