Friday 14 October 2011

I wish i had a pomegranate.

About half way between here and there is a place – le Café des Sports – that serves lunch.

I stop sometimes and order the Menu du Jour – never looking to see what it is; it’s good value, comes quickly and fills me up.

Twenty years ago I was a fervent vegetarian (a F.V.); I knew more about soya beans than was healthy and I knew what to do with Seitan.

I even ate Umbioshi Plums!

Today, I’m casual.

I eat at the Café des Sports also because they have a free internet access, a really attractive waitress and because by randomly dipping into the menu du jour of a local French bistro perhaps I will understand the French a little more; I don’t know much about meat but It seems to be important to them.

Today I did.

I feel sick.

I had Tête du Veau.

If it turns out that I ate someone’s head…

I will be.


Anonymous said...

Made me LAUGH right out loud - hugely and I was all alone. I love this blog its official.

popps said...

Well thankyou, i am tickled to be official!

Cecilia Levy said...

Always good to carry a pocket dictionary with you to avoid unpleasant surprises?

popps said...

Have you seen my pockets Cecilia!?
But, that is very sound Scandinavian advice that i would be wise to follow.
Or i could reaffirm my vegetarian vows!