Monday 26 September 2011

RoscOFF/La Rochelle and a Vicar.

picture by Minnie

There are probably at least sixteen ways to get from where I live (here) to where I caught the boat to go to the Isles of Scilly in August past. (there).

The one I chose was west and then north-west to La Rochelle and then North-ish to Roscoff in Britanny.

From there I took a big boat to Plymouth in England.

There then followed a detour to Taunton, which if you look on a map is in completely the wrong direction. The reason for this is that I thought Eric (here) lived in Exeter whereas he had in fact moved twenty years prior.

If you haven’t been to La Rochelle, and you get a chance take it.

It looks like a Jacques Tati film set and has one of the mouth-watering markets I have ever drooled around.

If you go to Roscoff, just get on the boat.

If you go to Plymouth don’t bother trying to hitchhike from the main roundabout for the road to London – I tried when I was 18 – I had flu and after 4 hours and 10 billion cars I gave up and caught the train.

Save yourself the time.


Anne Hodgson said...

That tree next to the lighthouse looks African. It distinctly looks like the lighthouse is bending over to have a closer look at it, maybe to check the tree's papers.

popps said...

I think i did it deliberately, photographically speaking.