Thursday, 29 September 2011

OFF- Colour i was , but no more.

So, here we go – the penultimate post in the ON/Off month of September.

Tomorrow will be the Pen post…… er, no I mean the Ultimate post!

OF(f) Course the Ultimate post will be the final shelf in the Off-The shelf photo project so today’s post will be everything else that I should have OFFered this month and failed to.

Like this picture for instance.

Or this one.

Then there was the other photo project I set out upon – The English at the Seaside.

Or The English at Play.

Or Golden memories in black and white.

That was the problem – I couldn’t decide what it was or is – I just new I was trying to capture something I remember from my childhood.

In black and white because my memory has no colour.

Here they are.

And the last time i felt as gooooood as that lad running was when the girl i fancied like mad but daren't tell her invited me to her birthday party!

Then,I missed this opportunity.

Annoyed this person.

Built this.

Searched through these.

Saw a person drink a book through a straw.

Took another picture of the moon.

Tried to find you a heart stone.

And spent a lot of time looking at/sitting in/waiting to get back to this.

And this.