Monday 15 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 16)

Good morning.

Good morning squire, what can I do for you?

Well, I’ve noticed something.

Ah – you have?

I have!


Well apart from the half assed attempt to build a theme of holiday and jokes about Venice, using the conduit of religion, into this Thought of The Day special edition……

Hang on, may I interrupt?

You may.

Is conduit the right word there?

Er, um, - I’ve no idea. Does it matter?

To the grammar police it will.

Do you think they read this stuff?

No, probably not, I don’t expect anybody reads this stuff actually – it’s wandering along much like August itself – no direction home.

Ah, that’s it, that’s what I wanted to say.


Wandering – the photos that have been appearing here since the beginning of the month are all linked aren’t they?

Kind of.

Lot’s of road signs.

Mainly – it’s a sort of leitmotif.


If you like, but what I said was leitmotif.

Oh sorry I thought you sneezed.

(continued tomorrow)

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