Saturday, 6 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 7)

I’m back!

Did you have a nice swim?

Fantastic! Velvety!


Like swimming in velvet.

Can you do that?

Probably not, I meant the water caressed me.


So… what can I do for you?

Have you forgotten already?

Forgotten what?

Yesterday – you said you would find out if an Idea and a Thought were the same.

I did?

You did.

Sorry, I’m on holiday, I’m trying to forget everything.

Oh great, here we are doing a daily Thought of The Day instead of the usual once a week edition, and your brain is a mush!

It's ALWAYS a mush, and anyhow it's YOUR thought of The Day sunshine, not mine!

Ok you sit there and get skin cancer, I’m off to the library.

Hurry back.

(continued tomorrow)


Anne Hodgson said...

Chris? Dada?

Mary said...


What an excellent road trip -- and I mean literally a road trip -- street signs, country roads, road markings, ditches beside roads. Are you sleeping in your car? Where's the belle Europe? At least today's photo features a human.

Not complaining really -- just curious about WHERE these roads exist. France, I assume. Nice of you to take him [and us] with you. Would have missed you all terribly.

Can't wait to NOT find out where you are tomorrow and the next day, etc. Hope Godot shows up at some point.

Big hug to everyone.

Mary ;-)