Sunday 10 July 2011

Thought of The Day 27

Have you heard of this guy Ionesco?





That’s what I said.

No you didn’t.



Did, did, did and no returns for a hundred years,

How old are you?

Old enough!

Forget it, anyway, you said Unesco.

And YOU said Unesco.

No, I said Ionesco.

Say it again.


Now say what I said.



See what?

We’re saying the same thing.

We aren’t – you’re talking about the United Nation’s Educational and Social whatsit and I’m taking about the bloke with the chairs.

Oh, Tesco! I thought you said Unesco. Yeah, I’ve heard of him, but I got them from Emmaüs.


The chairs.

What chairs?

The armchairs for the inside out room.


No I didn’t sell them, they did.



Where’s this inside out room?

Outside, of course, nice chairs, really comfortable, stylish too. And there’s a fire place!

How many?


No. Chairs?

Oh, two – but Younesc what?


It was a joke.

It was?

It was! Unesco – you know what, younesc what?


It would be better if there were three.


Then I could say – three chairs for the outside room, hip hip ………



Anonymous said...

all absurd!

popps said...

a couple of ok puns?

Baiba said...

This was hilarious! I love your language pranks!

popps said...

Hi Baiba and welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting.
I hope you come back!

Mary said...

Ionesco said "A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind."

I love your photography. They are all so inviting. I see myself in the leather chair reading a book with the cat lounging above my head. I feel I am in the passenger seat of your car when you steer into that bend in the road. I huddle in the ditch in the rain as you capture the photo of the bike wheels of La Tour as they whiz by. I attend a Ziggy Marley concert at night in the rain sitting on a YELLOW chair.

I've been working pretty hard lately -- thanks for taking me along on your excellent adventures [of the mind].


Mary said...

Is it La Tour or Le Tour?


popps said...

Hi Mary
don't work too hard - you need to enjoy the summer if it is as short as you say in Canada.
And thanks for the compliments - where would you like to go now?

popps said...

Well, le or la, who cares eh?
The French!
Their newspaper L'equipe says Le Tour.

MARY said...

Ah where to go? -- easy -- to Sunset Beach at English Bay in Vancouver. Or if there's time to go further -- I'd like to go to the little village where I was born in Italy. Or perhaps, to Jane Austen country - Hertfordshire. Perhaps these are places where I shall take BnBsS&T one day.

But in the meantime, I'm happy to go to the market to buy cherries, nap in the hammock, visit Martin who lives down the road, and to frollick in the forest and environs beyond with the Adams-Illing clan.

Working hard is the name of the game right now. But some day -- sooner? later? -- I'll chase summer around and around like I did when I was a kid.