Wednesday 27 July 2011

Rain Ears.

The other day…..

“Aren’t they loud!” – (my daughter 16).

“What?” – (me 56)



“Can’t you hear them?”

“What?” – (I may be 56 but I AM consistent).

“The Grillons! They are SO noisy!” (Crickets)

(Her mother says I don’t hear ANYTHING, maybe she has sent our daughter out to test me?)

“I can’t hear anything.”

“You can’t hear anything!!!? They are so noisy!”

(I had drunk some Turbulent wine, my head was buzzing, maybe there was some interference?)



The next morning ….. - lying in bed.

Thinks – am I going deaf? What if I were? Would I know? If it were gradual I wouldn’t notice would I? If it started with selective pitch – Grillons for example – I just wouldn’t know would I? For me there would be none, for someone else there would be many.

Surely not........?

I’m half asleep, I listen to the rain, I can hear that, I can distinguish the shower from the drips falling softly on the carpet (inside outside room).

My rain ears are ok.

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