Friday 29 July 2011

Example - The Mediterranean.

I must be thinking a lot about the sea at the moment - I keep dreaming of swimming.

Last night I was in wet suit in some industrial place- an island harbour with large rusting tankers.

It could have been Hamburg.

The water was murky - a high-powered torch would have been useful – but seemed clean, some entered my mouth and it tasted ok.

Unlike the other night, where it coalesced into oil like globules on my skin, resistant to intense showering.

I swam around the outside of the Island – ten kilometers apparently (someone I met later in the dream informed me) - and then walked around inside.

It was a sort of market - alleyways, staircases and courtyards filled with craft sellers and stuff.

I was wearing my wet suit and a stallholder told me that this was not allowed and that I would have to take it off.

I explained that I was naked underneath and this did not seem to deter him as much as it did me.

I decided to ignore his threats to call security in the belief that if he were that petty I would have time to walk and explore the Island before they (security) arrived.

Anyway – what worse could they do except throw me back into the sea?

Which would be a very fine place to be.

The Mediterranean, for example.


Anonymous said...

im sure, with all your jung and freud readings, you know that water is , or represents emotions.....then being naked. well, revealing all!
i hope the water is clean, translusent, transparent, ever changing perhps like the sea.x

popps said...

I didn't say i HAD read Freud and Jung - i have just picked up a few rumours :-)

Anonymous said...

what is that woman doing to that man?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -- Exactly my question too! Perhaps a Freudian slip gone very wrong.



popps said...

HE he he he he :-)