Sunday 12 June 2011

Thought of The (Self-Portrait) Day 23

Hey Mary left a note!

Oh yeah?

Yeah, she wants you to ring her and discuss squeezing.

She does?

She does!

It can’t be true!

It can!


Can too.

Have you got her number?

I have!

You have!?!

I have!

Should i?

Should you!?! It’s all you ever go on about!

I don’t know.

You don’t know?! What are you talking about?!

Mary, squeezing – don’t you listen to anything?!

No I meant… oh forget it.

Forget her, forget Mary!?

Look just ring her, leave me alone.

You don’t understand.

What don’t I understand?




What has this got to do with movies?

Nothing – why should it?

Because it’s Sunday, Thought of The Day, Bitsnbobs – you know, we usually review a fim.

We do?

We do.

Well, film is fantasy, but I thought you said this month we were self-portraiting.

Self-portraiting, is that a verb?

Ask Vicki.

Vicki? Who’s Vicki?

You know, Vicki, the professor - linguistics.

Oh Vicki – I thought we were talking about Mary.

No we’re talking about you.



How can we be talking about me?

Isn’t that what a self-portrait is?

I’m confused.

That’s why I like fantasy – everything is so clear.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Thoughts about HIM:

Where does he go from Monday to Saturday when Popps is teaching English at the local college or snapping pics in Antibes?

Is HE lonely as he waits like Winnie the Pooh for Christopher Robbins to come home from school so that they can play and eat cherries and sleep under the stars?

How does HE spend his days, I wonder?

I think HE runs through the Forest that surrounds the house where Popps, Krissie, Loui, and Minnie have made a life.

I think HE chases all the cats around for exercise, but even moreso, just for fun.

I think HE visits the one that left you this year just to say hello.

I think HE waits for Michael to visit and, of course, Charlotte Rose.

I think HE catches a rainbow for a ride after a rainfall, and goes skinny-dipping when HE thinks no one is watching.

At night, HE looks up at the big moon and feels glad to be right where HE is keeping the house company and watching movies with Popps so that they can discuss them on Sundays.

Is HE ever forgotten?

NO ;-)