Thursday 9 June 2011

Self Portrait 9

The last time I was in London – far too long ago in fact – I bought a copy of Keel’s Simple Diary.

Six months later I feel it is time to open it.

The cover is Blue – a very satisfying late summer evening sky Blue - and Keel’s Simple Diary is embossed ( I think that is the correct term) in silver.

At the bottom of the front cover, also embossed, it says Volume One.

The “Volume One” is all in capitals and adds a serious air to the whole thing.

I’m going to rip off the cellophane wrapper now…

The pages are also edged in silver and I can see there is a blue ribbon marker and something thicker attached to the back page.

I’m tempted to open it at the page where the ribbon marker lays….

I have!

Now I must choose right or left – hang on – as I put the diary down to write that a loose piece of paper fell out.

I’ll start there and come back to the page on the right - which I have chosen.

Actually, I won’t because a quick look at the loose leaf of paper confirms that which I had suspected - which is that this Simple diary will help me during this month’s Self Portrait series when inspiration is at an ebb.

The piece of paper says –

“Congratulations – you got Simple Diary in Royal Blue”

Well I beg to differ about the blue being royal – it is clearly late summer evening sky blue, maybe even one hour before sunset in Vancouver summer time blue.

But I read on –

“This could mean that you like a) Porto Ercole b) are a thinker c) dislike muffins.”

Hey – I like muffins!

I have no idea what Porto Ercole is – can you drink it?

So – I’m a thinker.

I think too much.

I spend a lot of time in my thoughts and imagination – it is my favourite place.

Sometimes too much.

Only last night – but that’s another story.

The page goes on –

“What you might need right now: 1. Someone to tell you. 2. Oscar Peterson. 3. Stop your nicety! 4. Less salt on French Fries. 5. Cosmic breeding. 6. Trim the hedges.7. Racing stripes.8. A hummingbird. 9. Goodwill. 10. A light suitcase.”

Only two of these resonate with me – the hummingbird and the light suitcase.

If you pushed me to choose, then it would be the light suitcase – travel, a visit and a mystery destination.

Underneath this – in red and therefore possibly important.

“Plural kills fantasy, orchids last longer.”

What’s that all about?

Then there’s some other bits which I won’t bore you with but then it says – “Everything you like about yourself is about to get better”.

I like that – and I offer it to anyone who is reading.

It also has a bit I think I am meant to fill in –

“In so many ways, you can’t wait for this:…………………………”

Which reminds me of something David Cassidy said in a song – “dreams are nothing more than wishes and a wish is just a dream you wish to come true.”

Which reminds me of......


Give me a light suitcase and an open road!

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