Friday 13 May 2011

Yes you can.

Infinity is an awful long time, especially towards the end.

I’m not sure who said that, it might have been Woody Allen, but it may just as well have been Einstein for all I know.

Hang on, I could check……

Ok, I’m back, my quick trip on the information highway seems to confirm that it was Mr Allen, who, no matter what you think about his clarinet playing, can be a very funny man.

Whilst I was off doing that the waiter appeared with my spinach crepe – I’m eating out – so, hang on again I need a nibble…..

Ok, back. Nibbled.

133 days ago I set myself the challenge to leave no day unadorned in these pages – the blog that aspires to posting EVERY day, would do just that.

No half measures this time! No empty days!

And you know what?

A year is an awful long time.

Especially just before the middle!

I can feel the inspiration grinding to a standstill.

The doubts are knocking on the door – should I let them in?

Will I think less of myself if I give up? (I‘m sure no one else will mind).

In desperation I look around for an omen.

To my right two guys, American, I’m pretty sure they are gay. I’m not one prone to blatant stereotypying, but, well, they are holding hands.

To my left two young women, young, attractive, long hair, whisps of beauty – I’m not one to stereotype but.. one is licking nutella from a spoon!

At the door someone is writing – pen, ink, old school.

I can’t see behind me without straining – and I’m too sweaty – it’s almost midnight and time for a shower.

The night is muggy, storms are circling, refusing to break.

Friday the thirteenth tomorrow. (today now)

Auspicious day – fete de la chance, daughters birth, perfect.

Maybe I can do this!

to be continued……

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