Saturday, 21 May 2011

My Ponytail is too tight!

I hadn’t seen my daughter for five days.

In fact I hadn’t seen anyone in my family very much for five days.

So I went to meet her from the school bus,

I was a bit late, so I drove quickly – pushed on by an overdose of caffeine inside and Train played very loudly outside.

She looked beautiful; hair tied up in a bun, eyes sparkling, freckles the intensity of neon.

I said –“You look beautiful”

She said – “Yes, but it hurts.”


Anonymous said...

That feeling of rushing to see your child. A beautiful daughter,
Beautiful images.

popps said...

Of course, two hours later she had gone back out to her friends but i got to drive her there at least.

Félicia M. said...

So cute ! thanks for sharing those lovely images.

popps said...

Thanks for popping in Mafalda!