Saturday, 7 May 2011

Ma Cherie

I bought a packet of Lindt chocolate on the way home Tuesday night - ate half ( one and a bit bars) and left the rest in the car.

I remembered yesterday afternoon.

Well ……… it’s definitely summer!

But if I needed something other than a sticky glove compartment to convince me, later that evening I got my first mosquito bite of the year.

At least, I think it was a mosquito.

It might have been a flying vampire, judging by the two red punctures it has left in my arm.

That - or a rabid mongoose.

Flying vampires and rabid mongoose apart, if it is summer then this Sunday the market will be flush with cherries.

Last week, in the notoriously expensive French Riviera – or Antibes to be precise – they were (trying) to sell them at 98 euro a kilo!


98 euro!!!!

That’s like…. Millions!!!!!

Now, I have never been able to be controlled enough, around a kilo of cherries, to actually count them, but I reckon at 98 euro a kilo it must be almost ONE EURO A CHERRY!!!!!

I had a word with the idiot who thought he could sell them at this price – and you know what?

He thought he could sell them at that price!

Well not to me matey, I can tell you.

But this Sunday, i will buy a kilo in my local market – and I might just count them before I eat them.

Being as it is that no one else is around at the moment to fight over them!

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