Sunday 13 March 2011

Thought of the Day 10

So, did it rain in the Hereafter?


Did it rain in the Hereafter?

Oh, sorry, I thought you were being existentialist all of a sudden.

Can you be existentialist suddenly? Isn’t it, by its nature, something fairly long term?

Yes I guess it is; what were you saying?

Rain? Did it? Hereafter?

Well it’s not raining today, but I think you are referring to the film – Hereafter?

Yes, last week (see here) you said we were going to review it, but all we did was grumble about The Black Swan.

Ok, so shall we carry on?


No, with the film review.

Ok, Hereafter?

Unless you want to talk about True Grit?

Did it rain in that?

I don’t think so, but it did in the King’s Speech.

It did?

It did – you know, when the speech therapist went round to apologise and was given the bum’s rush.

Bum’s rush?

Old expression, means, er, brush off I think.

Had you realised that Brush Sum would be an anagram of bum’s rush?

No I hadn’t, thanks for pointing it out.

You’re welcome.

So when they opened the door for him it was tipping down.

Tipping down?

Chucking it down!

Chucking it down?



Raining cats and dogs.

I bet he stepped in a poodle!!!!

We apologise for any convenience - our two protagonists are lying on the floor giggling, unable to continue today – normal service will resume shortly. The editor

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