Thursday 3 March 2011

Rain reigns, ok?

So this is how things get done, here at Bitsnbobbies (the blog with kennedy charisma).

Something happens, I sit down and write about it.

Then something else happens and I sit down and write about that.

Next I’ll be in the bathroom, brushing my teeth or looking for a cream offering a miracle cure, and I will suddenly realise that the two things I have written for the blog feature, somewhere, rain.

I’m English, I need rain to grow but clearly there is something afoot here other than puddles.

And a little voice asks innocently – “why not do a whole month of posts that relate in some small way to Rain, feature rain or are Rain?”

Then a reply comes – “interesting idea but will it be possible?”

And a commentary – “you don’t want to announce that as an intention and end up abandoning mid-month, that would look stupid.”

I finish in the bathroom, there is no miracle cream, and go to the yellow room (it might be a bedroom, because we sleep there, but it might be a living room as we do a lot of living there, but it might also be a sitting room as we also do that and an outsider would probably think it was a cat room. It IS yellow).

I take a crisp white sheet of paper out of the printer’s throat and fold it neatly into four, pick up my currently-favourite black pen, move to the kitchen, put on the kettle and sit at the corner of this table, facing window and valley and start scribbling first thoughts associated with rain.

March is a long Month, I need at least twenty ideas on the list, more and I would feel safer, and they need to have an idea that could at least be a few lines long.

Here’s that list.

It’s gonna rain allalonga March.

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