Saturday 22 January 2011

Spring Mess.

I guess you should wait until spring to spring clean but I couldn’t.

I started with the cellar; I needed a screwdriver and, well, the mess was so messy that I had to clean up, the sun was shining and it felt like spring.

Then I loaded the car with the mess and drove it to the dump where a nice man helped me de-mess the mess into separate containers that LOOKED like they were full of a lot more mess, but in fact were ready for mess recycling.

Then I went home.

But why stop there eh?

A phone call from the library informed me that I had two CDs that were a year overdue and could they have them back.

So I went through the piles of CDs.

What a mess!

I divided them into piles; CDs someone listens to, CDs we don’t, CDs with cds, CDs without, CDs with the corresponding cd, those without.

The biggest pile was empty plastic containers.

And no Charlie Parker collection or Nick Cave greatest hits as the library had stipulated.

But I found this – annexed to track 8 on the compilation album entitled “ha!ha! - 24 Great Comedy Songs”

And it is so good (it even has its own page on Wikipedia) it seems a shame not to share it with more people than the few who actually get to sit down at my kitchen table with a cuppa tea and an earnest –“listen to this”.

Which happened for my niece.

After I had moved the mess so that she could.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like bliss - I am in last week of rehearsal and house is mess layered

popps said...

Messlayered - it's a nice word, or maybe it's a tool - a messlayer?
Maybe another word for teenager?
Good luck with the show.