Friday 6 January 2012

In Dublin's fair city

With a slight risk that you will think this month consists of me sifting through my emails for inspiration............

Molly wrote to me the other day.

Molly Davis.

She said - : Hi Chris,The quality of impressed us and we wanted to know if you'd be interested in a guest post from us that could add a unique and different perspective to your site.Articles would be 600-800 words long on a topic of your choosing that would relate and complement If you're interested,you could select a topic or I'd be more than happy to suggest some.I look forward to hearing back from you and Happy Holidays!

Oh yeah?

Looked like another dollop of splog to me, so i checked out her web site.

It was all about couponing – you know, that thing some people in America are into where they collect coupons that give them money of stuff and by spending A LOT of time searching, cutting out, swapping and whatever they save money buying stuff that isn’t very good and which people can only sell if they give away free coupons.

Something like that.

But I don’t get many emails and I like the opportunity to get to know people so I wrote back.

Hi molly,I think molly is a great name, it impressed me. Couponing doesn't a lot. However, a guest post could be fun though i suspect you see it as a chance to promote your site?and i hate advertising. where does that leave us?

Molly is a feisty lass, she replied!

Hi Chris, Thanks for getting back to me...and thanks for the compliment on my name - I'm sorry to hear that you weren't that impressed with Couponing.Do you have any suggestions for what would leave a better impression on you? As for the guest post, the post itself would not be a promotion of my site; in return for a post on a topic of your choice (we could discuss this together), we would just like a link back to in the unless they were highly relevant and approved by you, of course.Hope this message leaves a better impression on you, :).Best,Molly

Isn’t she brilliant, she makes me feel special!

I don’t believe her but you know me!


I sent a short “Your speed of reply did!” and I added a p.s. “ps

it wasn't your site that underwhelmed me, it is the concept.”

I didn’t want to upset her, the site is after all very professional, and this might be my new friend.

She wrote again!

“Hi again, Hahaha, thanks for that! Is there anything specific that you'd like an article to be on? Even a broad idea will help me narrow it down to something that you'll, hopefully :), be really into.Thanks!”Molly

I like it when women giggle, but to be honest I hadn’t really taken much of this very seriously up to now, I just liked her name!

But now she was asking me to think!!

“Dear Molly, how about a letter from Molly to Father Christmas or Molly's new year resolutions?”

It’s the new year, Christmas fading but either would seem to fit this blog, now, here, sort of…..

Hey, Hahaha...I can't tell if you're just pulling my leg here. If you aren't, I think I'd choose the second one and I'd prefer if it were's resolutions, I'm not entirely comfortable publishing my resolutions for the world to read! Best, Molly

One can overdo the giggles, don’t you think?

And hadn’t she said earlier thatthe post itself would not be a promotion of my site”?

Now it looks like the WHOLE post would be about the site!

It was time to assert myself!

No more Mr twisted-round-her-pretty-finger!

I wrote, i wasn't pulling your leg Molly if you look at my blog you'll see that what it is - is personal. Heart on sleeve; we could of course debate how resolute your resolutions are if you are not prepared for the world to see them. But we don't have to...Where are you by the way?”

She lives on the west coast, U.S.A.

But, I think our relationship is over.

She never gave me her phone number, so I guess the chance to discuss mutual interests over a Californian sunset is shot.

She finished thus – Hi again,Thanks for clearing that up, hahaha, sometimes I just can't tell!!! Anyways, thank you for considering but I don't think I'm quite prepared to put my personal out there, probably a confidence issue/might realize that I'm not that dedicated to my resolutions.

Happy New Year! Best, Molly

And there you have it – Happy New Year!

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