Tuesday 18 January 2011

Fly me to the Moon

(picture by RR Auctions)

Did you know that the Space Autograph and Arftifacts Auction ends this Thursday?

You do now!

Another reason to thank Bitsnbobs – the blog that’s not a bog (though apparently my computer’s spell check doesn’t know the difference)!

I received a reminder only this morning from the very polite Bobby Livingston who works for the auctioneers charged with the sale. Unfortunately during the time that elapsed between me launching my registration and their all clearing my participation, the price of the monkey figurine that I had set my heart’s desire on rocketed from 100 dollars to a current, hang on I’ll check………..hmm, 472 dollars.

I’m not sure I can justify that for what essentially would be Krissie’s Christmas Present next year.

She was born in the year of the monkey, so that’s kind of neat and the inscription – “What if I change my mind – I am in orbit” could be appropriate, but I think we can donate to the Palm Spring’s Chimp Foundation and get an original watercolour ‘painted” by Cheetah, star and survivor of Tarzan Films, for a little less.

Tough call.

Of course, the Apollo 11 flight flown flag (also up for auction) is also up for grabs but at 22,000 and rising I would have to sell my house.

Then what?


Mary said...

Perhaps a Diana Krall [Canadian, from Vancouver, married to Elvis Costello] CD and a cute stuffed chimp toy would cost a bit less and be just as enjoyable as the Spacechimp artifact. There is no monkey connection with Krall but she does sing a great 'Fly me to the Moon' on her CD 'Live in Paris'. Just listen/look:



popps said...

Mary, thanks for the suggestions but , and maybe i didn't make this clear, it's an Apollo !! auction!!!!
i love Elvis Costello and probably love things he loves, given the chance, but some of this stuff TOUCHED the Moon.

Mary said...

While I agree that Apollo 11 was the BIG ONE, the moon has always been more symbolic destination for my heart than it has been a physical place. Hanging there in Space, as it does, inspires my dreams -- a cosmic companion. I would always choose music first. I get as close as I ever hope to be to the moon when I hear 'Fly me to the moon'.

As Bette Davis says at the end of the movie, NOW VOYAGER, to the man whom, of course, she loves but can never have -- 'Don't let's ask for the moon. We have the stars'.



popps said...

Shall we just have a cigarette on it then?

Mary said...

Puff. Puff.

Are you still there?