Monday 31 January 2011

February knocks on the door.

January is a difficult month isn’t it?

I mean, after the glow and excitement of Christmas it’s hard to get things going again.

Back to work is a trudge and we all say “happy New Year” but it can feel like the same Old Year.

Etc etc

And then if it’s your birthday, and you are not seven or thereabouts, there’s an extra old in the New Year that’s the same old year.

So, same old, old year.

And blogs! What to do eh?

Carry on, give up, start afresh?

January can be a blog graveyard.


All new, tarted up, pages added, photo updated and, and, and thirty one consecutive posts! (I wonder how many are fillers- Vicki?)

Incidentally, I wonder what the world record for consecutive blog posts is.

A quick look in Google tells me that blogger John Walkenbach wrote an extraordinary 100 consecutive blog posts with alliterative titles, setting a new world record in the process.

Clearly I have a long way to go, but more importantly I need my dictionary as I have no idea what alliterative titles are.

I also learnt, from the same source, that Blogger GrapeKellyKelly has written 37 consecutive blog posts about anxiety.

Ok, ok, 37 I might be able to handle that but I guess the fact that I am writing about just about anything makes it easier?

Or harder?

I’m not sure.

Anyway, i'm on 43 at the moment - which i think is MY world record (if one can have such a thing).

But February beckons, in fact it will be here tomorrow if all goes to plan, and February being a new month demands something new.

Well something renewed at least.

Last February (2010 for those not sure) i fancied challenging myself with a writing exercise where i was limited to one word on the first, two words on the second building incrementally to 28 at the end of the month.

This February i fancy repeating the exercise but where would the fun be in that?

So i decided to reverse it.

Tomorrow i will start with a limit of 28 and incrementally work down to one at the end of the month.

I hope yous don't mind.

Any predictions as to what the final world will be?

ps a little post script concerning Ham the Chimp.


Janet Bianchini said...

I think the final word will be "is".

By the way, you are a star! Thank you so much for your advice re going to the Blogger Help desk. I did it and I now have my old design back!!
It was a very easy process and loads of other people had the same question as me.

I know the new one looked nice, but I can't let go of the old design quite yet. Many thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

January a month most excellent bloggage...bloggery... anyway all lovely heartmelting touching funny interesting stuff

popps said...

janet - phew!
glad (and amazed) to be of help.

popps said...

Anony - thank you very much, you make the effort (there is some) worthwhile.
Next up - Feb
ps are you the anony i know or the anony i don't?

Vicki said...

Personally speaking, I have nothing against fillers. In fact I always enjoy your fillers. But I thought I'd better chack so I asked the random Q feature 'What's wrong with fillers?' It says its sources are pointing towards yes. I think this must be a positive omen for fillers, dotcha think?

Professor said...

Oh my, more poking around and I'm in awe. Great job on the tarting up! But mostly, I'm just in awe at all the cool posts I keep finding here.

popps said...

Vcki - i am beginning to like the fillers, i like to think now that a good filler can become a formula that one can use again and eventually you can call it repertoire.

I remember wading through piles and piles of Gary Larson cartoons and beginning to see patterns in his thought and creative process.

Not sure if my thinking is clear here or there but maybe a filler can beget a formula that can beget a repertoire that can beget a creative pattern that can beget .....something.

popps said...

Professor! - you fooled me for a moment there, but i must say the term suits you very nicely (i mean professor not fool obviously).
But thanks for the support.
And the encouragement.