Friday 14 January 2011

Careful with that axe!

According to this recent article in The Guardian Newspaper – very little of which I understood immediately, being as it contained words like Dubstep and a plethora of artist’s names that I was expected to recognise but didn’t – rock ’n roll may be dead.


The evidence presented for this assertion was the presence of only three guitar-based bands in the current top 100 - one of which may include guitars but not exactly rock them.

That would be a shame because I also read in a recent copy of Wired magazine that for only eight and a half thousand dollars you can buy a Jaclo Aquavolo MP3 and Chroma-therapy shower head which, as its name doesn’t entirely suggest, allows you to stand in the shower and sud amidst hot water, music and coloured lights.

Unfortunately I don’t have eight and a half thousand dollars in the bank and am unlikely to in the near, er, lifetime actually, and I don’t own an mp3 player – I tend to avoid things sold in letters and numbers.

When I’m driving on the motorway though, I do like to turn up the tape player and listen to some slamming guitars – I find that as long as Bruce Springsteen is with me I can overtake anyone.

And I did, arriving at the airport in time, more or less, to meet my niece once again at arrival gate D.

As you will know, if you have read this, when I go to the airport I always buy the latest copy of Wired and because of her frequent visiting my niece and the magazine are intractably linked.

Actually I hesitated on the purchase this time – firstly because I haven’t had time to fully not understand all the articles in the issue I bought on Christmas Eve as I flew to London, secondly because my niece followed me into the shop where, for some reason the magazine is displayed on the top shelf between Playboy and Esquire.

I like standing next to my niece - I get a chance to consider her perfume – but when she opened her blue eyes a little bit past surprised and asked: “what type of magazine is it?” I felt uncomfortable.

“Computerish, technology I think, stuff I don’t really understand but feel like I should”, I replied and then sent twenty copies of Playboy cascading onto the floor.

“No nudes though.”

To prove my innocence we sat in the carp park and flicked through the articles.

“Look something about Wrong Theory!”

“What’s that?”

“Hang on.” I read hurriedly.

Ok, you perfect a design (they don’t tell you how to do that) then you make one wrong move in the design- obviously the key here is perfect first, then error, not what I do which is error, error, there I’ve finished.

“Maybe you only need the one error?” My niece is quite smart, “and it’s a designed error not an errored design.” Though her grammar is questionable.

Luckily that’s when I found the bit about the disco experience showerhead – we were on common ground there as we both enjoy a good wash.

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