Sunday, 26 December 2010


On the 12th of April 2008 I posted a link to a series of photos depicting bedside tables.

And omitted considering my own.

Blimey! What a missed opportunity!

(Incidentally I was in bed alongside my own just the other morning reading Elmore Leonard’s Ten Rules of Writing and he advised going easy on exclamation marks.)

So I have decided to rectify the situation.

What the exclamation marks?

Maybe; certainly the omission of my own (bedside table contents), though you will excuse me if I ignore the dust and cobwebs that I will clearly remove before taking the photograph.

A candle – every bedside table should have one, mine is cedar scented in a porcelain holder.

A granite pebble – gathered from a Spanish cove, almost perfect in its roundness, a point of meditation.

A clock, with alarm ability – but a natural light mechanism of which I was suspicious initially; would this really be able to wake me? It is.

A small brass bell, possibly a cat's possibly Santa’s.

A pencil and a piece of paper – ideas can come at any time.

Two boxes of matches. Clearly associated with the candle but why I need two boxes remains a mystery.

The unread instruction manual to my camera – life is too short to stuff a courgette.

A photo of me and a photo of Krissie AND a blue costume jewel. This is probably significant.

Massage oil and powder! Probably more significant!!

My/our wedding photo. Actually the photo of the blessing of the wedding, it’s a long story.

Cedar essence diffuser.

Reading glasses.

Optician’s prescription, I can’t think of a safer place to keep it.

A paperback version of John Steinbecks “Cannery Row”, a book I wish I had written about a time I would like to have lived in a place where I would like to be. This copy came from a second hand bookshop in San Francisco.

It’s time to read it again.

It’s time to go there again.

But first I must vacuum and dust!

If YOU don't want to dust why not attempt The Bitsnbobs Quiz of the Year.?


Anne said...

Merry Christmas, Chris. My bedside table is just a wing off of the bed, a bit of carpentry-slight-of-hand. On it: A lamp with lion feet (small feet). Magazines. Books. Phone. Notebook. A green ribbon of forgotten origin. When I'm asleep, my glasses (generally winding up on the floor) and a glass of water.

Mary said...

Hope you had a good Christmas! [exclamation mark intended -- I don't entirely agree with Elmore Leonard's list]

Mine was filled with a lot of family, cooking, cleaning and some special gifts. My mother-in-law was released for a few hours from the hotel so that she could take part. Not that she is aware of much but still nice to have everyone around the table for a meal.

Very picturesque that village covered in snow nestled at the base of the mountains though I always worry that I might suffer cabin fever -- it looks a bit remote with no easy way out.

I won't describe my side table -- too embarassed, actually concerned that someone might send in an intervention team from one of those t.v. programs like "Hoarders" to dig us out:-) Will just say that it is overflowing with over 2 feet of books, bills, mementos. Will get to it before the new year.

Can't get a good look at the wedding blessing photo. Also can't read notes jotted on the notepad.

Am still reading the post about the exciting little town of Penne.

Am looking forward to Quiz - I think.


Mary said...

Freudian slip -- I said my mother-in-law was released from the "hotel". I of course meant hospital. If only.


Mary said...

Freudian slip -- I said my mother-in-law was released from the "hotel". I of course meant hospital. If only.


popps said...

Anne, Paul Auster - good choice!
And happy everything.

popps said...

mary - when you say i'm looking forward to the quiz - it's there!!!!!!
And time is running out!!!!

popps said...

And Mary, that village which "looks a bit remote with no easy way out" is on the main road between France and Andorra, one of the top smuggling routes in Europe!