Monday 1 November 2010

self-imposed unnecessity.

Don't you hate it when you mess up your blog posting?

Probably not, but i'm well miffed - yesterday's post, which reads Saturday, should read Sunday but someone distracted me during editing and now it says Saturday, because that's when i started it, and not Sunday when i published it - and now i've added Sunday to clear things up - which probably doesn't.

And it means the blog statistics show thirty posts for October when i wanted 31!

And A Practical Guide to Some of Life's Top Things - a special series which appears for 10 consecutive Sundays - now has a Saturday at number nine.

Why is it so hard to do something every day when you try to do something every day?

I know, i know- you don't need to tell me i know the answer already.

Trying and doing is not the same!!

Ok, so it's November already - damm this year is rattling along, it's going to be Christmas soon.


I have already received a Christmas Card (do people have nothing better to do?).

Actually it's more of an invite, in the shape of a Christmas Card. An invite to a Christmas Village in a very expensive garden centre that i sometimes wander around and loose money.

But it's too early!

Autumn has not even faded!!

Oh no - last year AND the year before i tried/did a Bitsnbobs advent calendar. Do i have enough of an idea to do something similar but better? (doors, surprises, EVERY day?)

I'm feeling the pressure of self-imposed unnecessity.


Mary said...

Can't advise on the advent calendar -- will start reading last year's today.

But wanted to say that self imposed unnecessity seems unduly harsh.

Some of the best things in life are not necessities .. but they are wonder-ful.


popps said...

like the blackberries?

Mary said...


Anonymous said...

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popps said...