Sunday 3 October 2010

Made of This - a Practical Guide to some of life's Top Things- A Digestive Special (no 5 of 10)

photo Krissie

We need to talk.

We always do, every Sunday here in THE DIGESTIVE special issues..

Whatever, look, last week and the “ a practical guide to some of life's top things” It was a bit short.

You asked for it to be short.

Yeah, but you confused us.

I did?

You did.


Well, you confused Mary – she thought number 4 was kiss, not keep it simple (kis).

Maybe it was both?

Can you do that?


Have two in one?

You tell me.

Well, it’s cheating – a top ten has to be ten, not eleven or fifteen, and the challenge for you is to have to choose 10 out of a possible infinity.

Ok, so it’s keep kisses simple.

You sure?

Er, probably not, complicated kisses can be fun too.

Anyhow what was ‘keep it simple’ meant to mean?

That we over-complicate things.

Like in complicated kisses?


There’s something else.

There is?

There is.
I’ve noticed something.

You have?

I have.


Each time - except last time - that you post a “practical guide to some of etc etc etc .” you quote someone whose name you pretend you don’t remember.”

Ah, last time I quoted me, but you are making progress grasshopper.



Why do you keep repeating what i say?

I do?

You do.

It’s a motif.

A motif?

A motif.

So, who’ this grasshopper?


Grasshopper, you just called me that.

I did?

You did.

Then it’s you then.





I’m lost.

Ah, grasshopper, if you don’t ever get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found.

There you go again, grasshopper!

It’s a reference to that old TV show, with, oh you know, David something.


Em, not sure, anyway …, where were we?

Number five?


So, what is it?

What is it?

What is it?





Build them.




Janet Bianchini said...

Still not sure who grasshopper refers to, but I'll have to keep on reading, I expect..

Reading your dialogue is sure full of twists and turns!

Lunch "al fresco" today, but probably nearing the last of the summer wine here in Abruzzo - a chill is gathering.

popps said...

It's all leading up to the end of the year quiz Janet!
Eating outside here too, very hot wind.

Mary said...


Have been away this weekend. Returned to digestive number 5 of top ten things -- was I the only one who thought you had mispelled kiss? A psychiatrist's couch awaits my arrival somewhere. Can there be two in one? -- I think so. Every so often I find a double yoke in a carton of one yoke eggs. I've always thought it was lucky.

Building memories -- I like that very much -- no double meaning there.

David Carradine - Kung Fu -- He was Grasshopper.


popps said...

Hmm Freudian Slip then?
Mary, (correct), but if you know, keep stum, it will be part of the end of the year quiz, with big prizes!
Don't let the competition get easy points!!