Friday 22 October 2010

Deep Concerns.

I know that some of the few folk that read these pages are teachers, so I have a question; it isn’t covered in any of the books as far as I can see and training courses don’t touch on the issue.

Maybe you can help.

I wake up this morning, back doesn’t feel so good.

I stretch, I yoga, I stride through the forest.

It’s getting better.

I rub some deep heat treatment cream into the lumbago.

Strong extreme deep heat cream.

I sit down to prepare a one to one, face-to-face class – programmed for this afternoon.

I inadvertently rub my chin in consternation, scratch my brow in thought and rest my cheek in palm of hand to help inspiration.

I have omitted to wash my hands.

I have a face-to-face class in two hours….

And mine is scarlet.

In patches.

Very scarlet.

Very patchy.

So here’s the question – what to do?


vicki said...

I once inadvertently rubbed my eyes after chopping chillies and wonder if this could feel similar?

Do we need to break this problem down into two parts, Chris? First if there's any burning - wash those hands in lots of soapy water and then plunge your head into a bucket of ice cubes perhaps?

Or is the more serious issue of how this might affect your status with your students. Would you say they look up to you as a leader in fashion and cool looks, Chris? If so, does Krissie have any foundation cream you can cover up with? A gig's and gig and the show must go on. It'd be a shame to call in sick...

popps said...

Thank you Vicki - i'm sure that there is room for a chapter in your next book "last minute teaching disasters and how to handle them"
the pain was not a problem and the head in a bucket of ice sounded a bit too drastic.
Foundation cream? Good call.
I discovered two things - it takes 2 hours for the red to disappear from the skin surface and that when i arrived at the office the client had cancelled the session.
maybe he had done something stupid too.