Tuesday, 21 September 2010

THE CALL OF.......

On her blog the other day, Janet posted a video that sums up the views of a number of students who took part in a survey organised by one of the teachers.

It makes frightening viewing and says a lot about the state of the education system and the future that is waiting for all of us.

Have a look at it.

In the meantime I decided to do a very random and statistically unsound survey of a group of students that I found sitting at the table with me in my garden.

It turns out – and this came as news to me, their dad – no one, and I mean NO ONE, does a pooh in the first week at the internat.

Ok, I probably have to explain; I live in the middle of a forest and the nearest school is some way off. Once you get to 15/16 you set off for the big towns on the other side of the trees and the homework, study and travel means that you stay there during the week, sleeping in the aforementioned internat.

Before you accuse me of recklessly abandoning my kids, understand that - according to my daughter - sleeping in the internat is the most important thing, more important than the homework, study and travel.

It is what it’s all about.

Except you don’t pooh there in the first week.

How you manage not to remains a mystery, it is certainly harmful to your health but apparently it is the same for every child throughout France.

Or so I am told.

In the second week, when you do, essential items to take to the bathroom are a jar of perfume and a mobile phone that plays Michael Jackson songs loudly.

And you get up 10 minutes before the wake-up bell goes.

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Janet Bianchini said...

Thanks for linking to my blog post re the video. I have added a newer video (2009), from an Italian school, and it makes for a far more positive viewing.

Fascinating insider info re the internat and what happens in the first week!