Friday, 13 August 2010

Bumble Bee Bliss

I’m just about to go out and lie on my back in the field next to the house – it’s shooting star night and the heavens are wide open.

But just before I do I have to tell someone about my new Bumble Bee toothbrush holder (illustrated).

It’s brilliant.

The best bit is that once it’s set up you just pull and push; pull- and the wings open and the tooth brush comes out, push – and the wings close and hold it.

I need to demonstrate it to someone now.

Come on over.


Mary said...

Pretty fancy toothbrush holder - can see why you're so excited.

Will be right over ...

that is if by "right over" you understand it to mean as soon as I retire, sell the house, and make my way to Southern France.

Am off to see EAT, PRAY, LOVE for inspiration.

In the meantime, leave the light on:-)


popps said...

If we wait THAT long Mary the bumble bee may well be a thing of memory - it is made of thin plastic and although sparkling new today will probably be toothpaste stained tomorrow.
I'm not sure what Eat, Pray, love is , except a good personal mantra- i could search the internet but it would be more interesting to hear from you.
ps light is on.

Vicki said...

Stars were shooting over here too - but there was a lot of cloud cover.

Mary said...


Sorry to take so long to respond but had to shoehorn in another baseball tournament after seeing EAT, PRAY, LOVE, which is a movie made from the bestselling book by Elizabeth Gilbert.

The story is true -- about a year that the author/journalist took off in order to live the life that she hoped would enlighten her understanding of God and herself. She visits Italy, India, and Bali where she learns how to eat, pray and love in that order.

In the film the real author is played by Julia Roberts.

Won't tell any more of the plot until you've had a chance to see the film or even better, read the book. A few tears may flow.

Still trying to get to Toy Story 3!


Anne said...

Can you film the bumble bee in action?

popps said...

Anne - i could.
I could also offer one as a prize in the end of year quiz (do you have any bonus points?)
I could also just send you one but that would be favoritism.