Thursday, 15 July 2010

Happy Birthdaybeforeyesterday

The last time my watch appeared in these pages was on the 3rd October 2009 (handy click-on-able link right here!).

It didn’t look like this (see photo above).

It looks like this today because a few when-my-niece-was-staying-days-ago (you can click here) we went canoeing and I fell in the river.

I always fall in when I go canoeing, but I don’t usually wear my watch on or in water – so the condensation, and presumably precipitation, currently happening inside my timepiece is not intentional, but I quite like it. (There is nothing worth putting into brackets this time).

In the picture you will notice there is a particularly satisfying drop hovering over the 12, a drop I can move by tilting my wrist at different angles, which will split into smaller constellations of droplets through the course of a day and which I can then attempt to coalesce at moments of boredom.

Hours (minutes and seconds) of fun!

My niece tells me I should put the watch into the airing cupboard, but of course I don’t have an airing cupboard (she lives in Kentish suburbia where evidently such things are commonplace).

The temperature today is 36 degrees Celsius (it has been for days) and I think that is higher than most of the airing cupboards in Tunbridge Wells (where Charlotte-Rose-Beautiful lives) - so you would think that whatever she has in mind to happen there, would be happening here.

It isn’t. (By the way it was her birthday the day before yesterday.)

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