Monday 10 May 2010


When was the last time you looked for a four-leaf clover?


Vicki Hollett said...

Oh, way to long ago Chris. Perhaps it's the same with smelling the coffee. Thank you for alerting me to this problem.

Vicki Hollett said...

But glad the fish are still alive and swimming on this blog. :-)

popps said...

I thought you had been swallowed by a Whale called Longman's (or something)!
What is the reference to coffee - did we talk about it before?
I have stopped feeding the fish, more or less, but they refuse to change back to their original colours so i think, if you want, a little bread won't hurt.

DaveESLetc said...

Just the other day, funnily enough. But it had been a long time before that!

I was recently in the aptly named Great Smoky Mountains, and was struck by the tall purple clover flowers, quite different from the little white ones of my youth.

popps said...

The Great Smoky mountains sound fantastic - where are they?