Tuesday 16 March 2010

Through a Looking Glass Erratum.

Stop Press – read all about it!!

A little pause in the Mirror Series as I publish important Erratum/Errata (ae/i/ums)

1. Mark – Through A Looking Glass 2 - was given an incorrect link to his webpage. (it lead to some pirate version) The correct link is in place and I would like to repeat it here. Mark's Web Site.

Apologies to all our readers.

2. Mark, or I, or both of us were confused enough to be unsure which post he was mirroring. What’s important is that he is mirroring the idea of teenage parties and book burnings – hence the young children and book washing that feature in his mirror post.

(which I am pretty sure is the subject of my post Let It Be Soft and is linked on his mirror page, as I said originally, before all the confusion, but did he listen and he started it all anyway etc etc).

3. Carol wanted to add something to her post - Through a Looking Glass 4 – but fell asleep before sending it to me so I published it without. She has added it to the comments. (Twice in fact!! and subsequently removed one of them. Mind you, I can talk - I seem to have added 11 versions of the same comment to Celluloid Considerations 2)

4. I stated in the introduction to Janet's post - Through A Looking Glass 1 - that her husband is a Hell's Angel. She has informed that he is no angel. Just hell then?

5. Dave's post - Through A Looking Glass 3 - is still being looked into. (gettit?)

that's it with the errata - tomorrow Through A Looking Glass 5 - Vicki!!


Janet Bianchini said...

Well, just add "hell of a nice guy" and that'll be erratum no. 4 sorted!

A great series of posts so far!

Anonymous said...

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Anne Hodgson said...

Dear Anonymous, well, you've found the hottest shoes around. I'd just have trouble stepping on a lady's face. But then again, some shoes are made for the kind of dresser that has a mirror on it, rather than for a dresser standing before a mirror.

popps said...

Anne! i would probaby bin that one but do you want me to keep it, you seem to know each other.

PS weren't the shoes on a different post?

Anne Hodgson said...

Yes, they were, and perhaps Anonymous has a hard time keeping up, though he would seem to be hard on your heels. :)

Anne Hodgson said...

Yes, please do delete the whole lot!! :)