Thursday 18 March 2010

Through A looking Glass 6

A couple of month’s ago i asked some folk who had been dropping into my blog to write a guest post.

I gave them the theme « Mirror » and i asked each of them to apply their Personal Mirror (whatever that meant to them) to any one of my posts, or part thereof.

These are the results.

The Mirror Series, Part Six. DAVID

When I asked David to be part of the Mirror Guest Posts he declined, politely and not outright - but he declined.

I tried not to show my disappointment - i knew he would contribute something different and as he was the fourth of an only-met-through-blogging group of bloggers, three of whom had agreed, it felt incomplete.

But his work was up to over his head and his plate was overflowing with too much.

And then he surprised me, with an out of the blue e-mail and a - “I went ahead and wrote a Mirror / Through the Looking Glass for one of your posts. I chose this one: "

David should not be confused with Dave who contributed Mirror Post Three.

Here is a link to David's Blog.

Mirror Post/David

Believe it or not, I almost passed.

Pushed it aside, said I wouldn't have the time.

"My job is crazy right now...takeover...meetings...blah blah blah."

Fortunately, my mind changed. What was I working for after all?

Days, weeks, months, years.

Time exchanged for money exchanged for time. Time for what?

Now we're getting somewhere.

Looking back, I consider the content, not content with focusing solely on form.

Girlfriends past? Not sure I want to go that route. Fiancee present, perhaps?


Hmm... Where was I?

Just in case you can't tell, there's a pattern to this. I hate to give it away.

Cheat? Me? I don't think so. You try finding a word that starts with Q but sounds like "cheese". I've got to take what I can get.

Sheer stubbornness keeps me going, entering, as I have, the less standard sounds. Did you know I lived abroad? That's almost a clue.

Zhangjiajie. A city of about 1,000,000. Small potatoes by some standards.

Chinese standards. (Another almost clue.)

Sure, I could just spell it out for you, but where's the fun in that? Besides, spelling really has to be ignored, but the spirit is there.

Reaching, my experiment is growing more and more tenuous.

Zees last few are really tough. (There goes my literary license.)

"Tsetse" is a word I've never known how to pronounce, but I'm hoping it's close to what I need.

Sigh. Relief.

(and I'm skipping the vowels)


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Anonymous said...

i seriously love your writing taste, very exciting,
don't give up and also keep writing considering it just well worth to look through it.
excited to browse through alot more of your posts, have a good one :)

popps said...

What a nice anonymous - but don't forget - this is David's post - check out HIS writing!