Friday 12 March 2010

Through A looking Glass 1

A couple of month’s ago i asked some folk who had been dropping into my blog to write a guest post.

I gave them the theme « Mirror » and i asked each of them to apply their Personal Mirror (whatever that meant to them) to any one of my posts, or part thereof.

These are the results.

The Mirror Series, Part One. JANET. (link to her blog).

I first met Janet through a 31-day blog challenge that we both signed up for last year. Her blog is a mixture of teaching and personal, she lives down an unmade track in Italy and is married to a Hell’s Angel – well, he has a motorbike.

Mirror Post/Janet

Ever since Chris popped in to comment on one of my blog posts, a reciprocal and mutual blogging friendship was forged. So when I was kindly invited to do a guest post on "Bits 'n' Bobs" blog, I felt greatly honoured, and I didn't hesitate to say yes.

The novel and interesting idea of writing a "mirror" post of some sort really stimulated my imagination and I felt it was an invitation too enticing to refuse. I somehow feel that this is a kind of "Chronicle of a Post Foretold" and I feel privileged to be temporarily part of the inner sanctum of "Bits'n'Bobs/Show and Tell".

I have taken the poetic liberty of combining a few "Mirror" postings, if I may.

"oooooohhhh Spooky!"

It's kind of spooky we have both covered a wide range of topics, some of which have concerned wild boar, hornets, 1st edition stamps, roads less travelled, and a host of other unusual matter.

It's kind of spooky that Victoria has appeared in "Bits'n'Bobs" as a star protagonist in the now legendary and epic improvisation challenge story. Indeed, my cat Victoria played a major role in the dramatic unfolding of events.

It's indeed spooky that hearts play a role in our posts.

It's spooky that cats and dogs feature in different ways.

It's spooky that we have a very strong connection with the Berlin Wall.

Brave New World

"Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley is one of my favourite books and sits in my bookcase amongst other "Greats". This title was mirrored in a posting here.

I feel we are indeed living in a Brave New World of sorts, where the future is uncertain. A world full of fast-paced technological movement and constant flux. A world where we can envisage the future Through a Looking Glass like no other generations before us. This New World which is emerging calls for Brave people to confront the future, which is inexorably hurtling towards us.

Through the Looking Glass

Bits'n'Bobs thrives on improvisation and unpredictability. It's at the forefront of experimentation and pushes itself to the limits, where no other blogs dare to go. That is why I really like it and follow it avidly. There is never a dull moment! It keeps you guessing and "on your toes", so to speak. It's also full of pathos and humour, sometimes inextricably linked, sometimes separate. I predict Through a Looking Glass that your blog will go from strength to strength. Janet's Abruzzo Edublog takes her hat off to you!!

Everything you need to know about this Mirror series - click here.


Janet Bianchini said...

Thank you very much for featuring my Mirror post! I had fun writing it. I would like to link to this post via my blog over the weekend, if that's ok.

As for being married to a Hell's Angel, I can confirm K's "no angel!", but he's a lifelong biker:)

I've noticed you've changed the titles and I can't seem to find "Split Post".

popps said...

Link as much as you want, please!

I hoped you like the "mirror" frame it's the best i could manage with limited HTMl?HTLM code skills .

I have been experimenting and sometimes posted an attempt to get to see it - Split Post was experimentation.

It has become through A Looking Glass 3 and will appear Sunday!

I hope you are having as much fun as me.

Anne said...

Lovely start :) Have the two of you got time to visit? Trying to write a collaborative Alice story.

popps said...


Anonymous said...

Good brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.

popps said...

Thank Janet mate!

Janet Bianchini said...

I like the border effect around the guest posts very much! Different and eye-catching! I'm enjoying the series. Great stuff!

Victoria Hollett said...

Great start. Agree with you about Bits and Bobs, Janet. Not too sure whether Victoria is a good name for a cat though. :-)

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Vicki Thanks for your feedback :)

Oops! She's been "Victoria"(aka "Vicki / Vicksi or Vic) for the past 3 years now and has grown into the name!! I notice you have signed yourself as "Victoria" here- I have to say, it's a lovely name and has a great history behind it :)

Victoria said...

We are amused.

Janet Bianchini said...

Thank you, Your Royal Highness.