Friday 19 March 2010

Through A Looking Glass 8

A couple of month’s ago i asked some folk who had been dropping into my blog to write a guest post.

I gave them the theme « Mirror » and i asked each of them to apply their Personal Mirror (whatever that meant to them) to any one of my posts, or part thereof.

These are the results.

The Mirror Series, Part Eight. ANNE

A nice surprise about hosting these blog posts has been the extra contact, mainly e-mailed, that has been necessary.

For example, Anne sent me her mirror, then a recording of her mirror and then some alterations to the mirror that weren’t on the recording – or vice versa, I can’t remember.

Then she wrote and explained how I could post a recording on my blog.

In all that time I started thinking that, despite all her hard work, it would be interesting to use only the recording – kicking the format of the first part of the series somewhere unexpected.

I asked her what she thought.

She replied – “Just audio would be just perfect. Or as my niece would say: ridiculous.”

Here is Anne's Blog.

Mirror Post/Anne

Anne mirrored A Letter from san Francisco A.


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Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anne Hodgson said...

Bye, Anonymous ;)!
Chris, the "Mantel Madonna" I was talking about is one of my favorite motifs in art. My mistake, though: She's actually called the "Virgin of Mercy". In German it's "Schutzmantelmadonna" (she shelters all of humanity under her mantel). Wikipedia has a wonderful collection of pictures:

popps said...

Anne - i had looked at the photos before posting but when i tried to add them to the post it looked cluttered - and since you seemed to support a "recording only" look i left her out - hope that's ok.
Here's the link
The photo at the top was for you - it came from the altered barbie event and is, sort of, a mirror as there is a reflection , and i have tried to have a mirror at the top of each of the series.

popps said...

Anonymous - was it no good for the college assignment then?

Anne Hodgson said...

Your picture is awesome! I can definitely see where the artists are coming from. The Altered Barbie website ( has some more amazing images - like the pistol with her hips and legs as the shaft which announces the Spoken Word Night - how fitting! A very cool event.

popps said...

popps said...

I love the way you say -what. :-)

vicki said...

Beautiful story Anne and beautifully told.