Sunday 14 March 2010

Through A looking Glass 3

A couple of month’s ago i asked some folk who had been dropping into my blog to write a guest post.

I gave them the theme « Mirror » and i asked each of them to apply their Personal Mirror (whatever that meant to them) to any one of my posts, or part thereof.

These are the results.

The Mirror Series, Part Three. DAVE (this is a link to Dave's Portal.)

I think the mark of comic genius lies in the ability to look so effortless. Some of the people who are contributing to this series suffered untold anxiety and needed goading constantly. Dave did this in about five minutes and sent it with a self-effacing "Presumably you don't just want this kind of mirroring? "

Dave is my former juggling partner and we toured most of the known world together. He lives in Ireland in beautiful isolation, but you will find a lot of him in these pages - just put his name in the search box.

Mirror Post/Dave

˙әʌ!Ⴈɐ os

ʎʞs ɟo sʎɐʍႡƃ!Ⴁ ƃu!uunɹ

sәƃp!ɹq ɯɹoɟ spnoႨɔ ʎәɹƃ

˙әnႨq ƃu!Ⴈɹәpun әƃuɐɹo

'pәuɹnʇәɹ ʇәsuns sɐʍ uʍɐp әႡʇ ʍәuʞ ɹәʌәu !


Dave mirrored Experimental day 21

Everything you need to know about this Mirror series

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Vicki Hollett said...

Ha, love it.

But hang on moment.... this is upside down rather than back to front. Should it be part of a topsy turvey series rather than a mirror one?

carol said...

Have tried pushing my mirror at an angle against my screen upside down.....

Anonymous said...

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popps said...

Anonymous! You're back§ Brilliant§ AND another assignment, wow - they are working you hard.
Now, which details would you like?
To buy the shoes you have to go to Whitstable.
Hmm, i think you forgot it - again!