Monday 11 January 2010

One Such.

You may have noticed that I am not a great fan of technology; I consider myself to be a healthy cynic, others label me a hopeless Luddite.

My pet peeves are Facebook – all is explained here - and Twitter – which annoys me here.

However, there are times when one can only marvel at the wonders that the digital age can conjure up and yesterday evening was the denouement of one such.

A few months back Dave, an old friend, colleague and now a radical and reformed Budhist invited me to be his blog partner on a 31Day Blog Challenge that he subsequently took no part in whatsoever.

I did though; and through it came across Janet’s Blog, started reading hers and she mine and before anyone could say “Janet-she-lives-in-Italy-and-has–olive-trees-in-her-garden-Robinson” I had a bottle of her hand picked, village pressed olive oil on my table here in France.

I opened it yesterday evening, drizzled some on some fresh sour dough bread and sucked it in.

Hmmmmmm. Lick. Slurp.

Ok, it is the olive Oil with the biggest carbon footprint in Western Europe as the olives were picked in an Italian Garden, transported up the track to the local village, pressed, returned to the house next to the garden, transported to England before being posted to France and driven down my track so that I could enjoy some bread drizzling; and I feel a little guilty for that.

Of course, I was hoping to save it until Dave was here (from Ireland) just to complete the circle but I’ll have to make do with posting a picture on his Facebook and sending him a Tweet or two.


Janet Bianchini said...

Thank you for this lovely post! I am so happy the olive oil finally got to you ok after quite a circumvoluted journey (I think this is the correct word to describe a roundabout journey).

I too am pleased that we have struck up a virtual friendship via our blogs and the Internet. Like you, I try to live with technology, but I do NOT really trust it, because I don't understand how it works at all.

The Lord mayor of Civitaquana came down our "road" to personally view the non road for himself. I hope said track will turn into a proper road within the next few years, if not earlier and then the postman can actually deliver post to us!!

popps said...

Is it really a "Lord" mayor?

I invited our mayor to look at the damage on our own track - it was a year after that something happened.

Janet Bianchini said...

Well, in Italian, he is the "Sindaco", but "sindicate" doesn't sound quite right. I guess, he could be just "il Sindaco" in future :)

Is your track fixed now? We have been here approx 2 years. We don't really want to wait eons for it to be fixed...

popps said...

Long long story.
the track is shared between 3 communes - down the middle at one point!
The whole thing was redun - like a motorway 14 years ago and then eventually redun about 4 years ago.
Holes in it now, patched up from time to time, washed away and slowly getting worse.
Good luck.

Janet Bianchini said...

Thanks, I think we'll definitely need lots of luck! The postman refuses to come down our track as he's worried he might get stuck, so we have to meet him half way. He rings us and we go to collect the post.