Thursday 31 December 2009

End of year quiz

HERE IT IS !!!!!


You can't say that this blog doesn't deliver it's promises!!!

Most of the answers can be found on the blog (questions 2 and 8 are exceptions) so ......

Click on the link, do the quiz, and Happy New Year!!

Click here to take survey

ps There is a prize for the winner - along with fame and honour there is also a very fine bottle of red wine that will be sent to you or delivered personally depending on who you are,


Anonymous said...

Hello Saffy here is there a time limit to answering all the questions and winning the prize? So happy the Globe was twinkly and joyous, am off for an afternoon of games at my sisters wish I had hares and lettuce and the new one from xmas this year to share actually I wish I had you to play them with - ho hum will have to wait. Love you xxx Your Christmas tree looks beautiful x

popps said...

Saff, you have ONE WEEK to answer the questions (more time if you need it).
The Christmas Tree in the photo is not mine but the Red Lion's.
Its an Inn in the middle of the Romney Marshes that Mike took me too and it is the BESTEST pub in the world and a place we have to visit together VERY soon
cos i miss you and never get enough of you.