Monday 28 December 2009


At the beginning of the Month, my daughter announced that she was going to see the film – Paranormal Activity – with her friend, Charlotte, who had seen the film the day before and had scared herself so silly that she had to go again.

My daughter is not renowned for her capacity to remain indifferent to cinematic scaring, something she has inherited from her father who jumped quite recently watching Harry Potter, and so I asked her if she thought it wise.

She did.

The next day I picked her up after breakfast to take her to ballet and I asked her about the film, and she gave me a very detailed scene-by-scene description.

In fact I haven’t heard her speak so much (she’s 14) to an adult, without stopping for breath, since .

The film sounded terrifying, I even jumped at one point in her description.

“ Were you able to sleep after that?” I asked, amazed.

“ Yes, but I had to put my feet under Charlotte's.”

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