Tuesday 24 November 2009

Shaking Spears at Coincidence

Have you noticed how sometimes you say "ah, it's just a coincidence" and at other times you say "wow, what a coincidence"?

Being a coincidence simply isn't enough- though i don't know if it has always been like that.

Here in the pages of what has turned into being Coincidence Month - following a challenge to do just that, set by myself - we have seen both the "just" and the "wow".(i hope)

We have also seen the hitherto ignored and perhaps unknown "uncoincidence" and the "predictidence".

Today, in the interests of all things scientific but ungrammatical, I offer you the " yincidence" - a coincidence that you yearn for.

It goes like this.

On Friday i wrote, in passing, about Shakespeare and the all time greatest coincidences.

On Saturday i write about 17 Willersley Avenue and Rosalind.

I yearned to title the post "A Rose by any other name" - which i hope is a quote from Shakespeare, i think Romeo and Julliet.

On Sunday i wrote about a Rose and yarned to title the post "Shall i compare thee to a Summer's Rose?" - a manipulation of Bill's 18th sonnet.

You begin to see a thread here i hope.

But then i interrupted the flow on Monday with stories of grammatical import whereas all the time i yearned to tell you about this coincidence that had come to light on wednesday when i was researching on google for an idea that eventually came out in the post on Friday.

Is that clear?

In other words all the time i was rabbiting on, indirectly, about Shakespeare and Great Coincidences i was yearning to tell you about this which i found in an article called The Power of Coincidence written by the a professor of psychology no less.

I would go and check it but mysteriously the Bible that usually sits on the shelf has disappeared - probably a coincidence in itself.

So i offer you this and the posts of the previous four days as a yincidence.

'In Psalm 46 of the King James Bible, published in the year that Shakespeare turned 46, the 46th word is "shake" and the 46th word from the end is "spear." '


ps i found the bible but it's not The King James version and so i am unable to substantiate this claim, sorry - in this version iit doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

pps we had a dog called Shakespeare once who came to live in our house - just appeared one day in the shed - on April 23rd.

ppps i think April 23rd is the bard's birthday.


Farrar said...

I'm not sure it's just a coincidence. Watch these two:



popps said...

Hi Farrar (cool name - where's it from?) thanx for the links i just had a quick look saw that its serious enough for a proper study and since i've just got in and am cream crackered i'll check it out properly tomorrow.

popps said...

Well, i've watched them!!!
But the question that has to be asked is why/
Why psalms, why so complicated, why bother?

Farrar said...

If you wanted to put your name in the Bible, I don't think you could chose where to put it. You had to search through the Bible, and if you were extremely lucky you would find a place where it was possible. And the text you found, not you, would determine how complicated it had to be. The question left is why bother?