Wednesday 11 November 2009

Please you should know that you are to kindly notify me if you are still alive

I wrote my first blog post on August 5th 2007 in what now constitutes a sort of annexe to this my main blog.

So that’s er…. about…er… well..... two and a bit years ago.

This part of my blog opened in January 2008 and this is apparently my 405th post.

During these 405 posts I had never received any spam, and some time ago I decided to disenable controls established to prevent it so that any readers would find it easier to leave comments.

At the beginning of this month, in an attempt to push the hitherto unknown boundaries of my blog content even further I decided to try and write a series of posts that had as a common link – coincidence.

This post is the eighth in that series.

No sooner do I start the “coincidence concept” as it hasn’t come to be known than I receive two splogs (blog spam).


At the SAME time I received an email in my spam box that is so brilliant I have kept it to show you. (you'll have to double click on it to read)

I had always assumed that the point of these email spams was to try to sound so real and plausible that someone would believe it. Based on the law of advertising there must be someone, somewhere who takes these things seriously enough to get involved.

This email, I think you’ll agree, breaks all of the rules that they teach you at internet scam school. The opening line is priceless.

The weird thing is I actual know a Mr Peterson Rick!

No, just kidding!

But, I’ve just realised that, wow, Mr Peterson Rick is therefore Mr P. Rick!!!!!

Can that just be simple coincidence?

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