Friday, 9 October 2009

Routine can kill you

EVERY Sunday i go to the local market.

EVERY Sunday I buy – bread, nuts, raisins, (my Chinese Horoscope sign places me as a goat), goat’s cheese (see), fruit, lettuce, avocados, coffee, tea, a week old paper and a packet of liquorice all-sorts.

Last Sunday I decided to shop something different.

Routine can kill you.

I bought some stuffed tomatoes, some cream of artichoke, a highly naff embossed plastic poster of typical Indian costumes, a set of yellow smiley buttons and a mouthful of marinated miniature octopus.

The family, waiting patiently at home for lunch, was not impressed.

And as for the marinated miniature octopus…..well I should have had some breakfast before leaving home – it was the wrong thing to wake my taste buds up with.

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