Monday 31 August 2009

Was that the year that was?

Monday morning seems so bad………….

Couldn’t sleep - untidy dreams of not being ready for work, too hot, too cold, too noisy, too quiet.

And it’s still August anyhow!

Who was it evil and cruel enough to organise a back to school and work week that starts in August?!

That will forever mark 2009 as a bad year, though otherwise it’s been pretty good– but – is it/has it been the best ever?

Every one, if they think about it, will have a candidate for best year ever – based on a personal event.

But that just means that EVERY year was the best ever to someone so what about the single best year ever for EVERYONE?
I personally reckon 1969 was the best.

I was 14 and discovered snogging for the first time, which pretty much would seal it for me, but not only was it the year of the first Moon Landing AND the Woodstock festival, it was also the start of Sesame Street – a programme that still makes me cry when I watch it today.

Actually it makes me cry even more today than when I watched it when my kids were toddlers.

Is it possible to be alive today and remain sentimentally untouched by one of those three events?


So which year would you suggest?


Anne Hodgson said...

1989. It felt as if the whole world was opening up. I'd grown up in Cold War Washington, DC, and my dad used to say, "It's good we live so close to the Capital, when the Russians drop the bomb" - and he said when, not if - "we'll be the first to die. Hey, ho, no pain." That was my dad. The first time I flew over Russia on my way to Estonia just after their singing revolution, I remember pulling my feet up, off of the floor of the plane, just sensing that they'd been touching that bit of tin that was between me and --OMG-- Russia.

popps said...

Ah yes, good choice and ANOTHER major anniversary this November. make sure you come back here on the 10th.

popps said...

Or 9th!

popps said...
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