Monday 10 August 2009


A friend, John Lenahan, sent me an email this morning. In it he asked me to promote his novel – Shadowmagic (a fantasy adventure) - which comes out in paperback in the next few minutes.

In fact he sent the same email to everyone in his address book, which if it is anything like mine includes a lot of folk that aren’t friends, but have pharmacies in Canada, so I am only ASSUMING that I was included as a friend.

One should never assume anything – I’m sure someone told me that when I was a kid – and inevitably, when you ARE assuming something it is best to ask directly.

A long, long time ago I assumed that John was no longer interested in our friendship as he never phoned and never visited, so I left London and moved to France.

A few years later I made contact and it turned out that HE had been assuming the friendship was over as I never visited and never phoned.

The other day I wrote to him and said: “Hey, you never write, you never call you never visit”.

He replied – “What are you, my mother?”

John, an American who lives in England and has Irish blood laughing through his veins is a very funny man, a useful skill for a professional comedian and has now turned his many talents (he can mix a mean tequila Slammer) to writing.

When I met him, before he wrote Shadowmagic, he was a comedy magician - he still is, but I always thought that his words were what made him special. I always thought he should work on the Radio - he ignored my suggestion - but writing is probably even better.

You can read reviews of his novel Shadowmagic here, and you can buy it here, and vote for it here.

Podcasts of John himself reading it are available here.

And you can read more about John Lenahan on my blog here.

That's all for now until he fulfils his promise!

That's his mother in me talking.

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