Saturday 18 July 2009

Three Questions the French always ask the English.

This sign has appeared at the side of the road near where I live.

It may be the start of a protest movement organised by a hesitant group unsure how strongly they want to say “NON!’ (and to what) - or it may mark the most northerly point of just where it is.

Either way, or something else, it is fairly enigmatic, which I like.

Its appearance coincided with seeing a link to a quiz on a blog I was reading, which highlighted several over things that I clearly didn’t understand.

Someone asked me once if I needed to understand EVERYTHING and I realised that maybe as an Aquarian I did, but as a student of the questioner I appreciated that it was neither a healthy attitude nor the correct answer.

The quiz also frustrated me as in several cases there wasn’t an answer I could choose and when I left them blank the quiz wouldn’t recognise that I had participated.

Was it Groucho Marx that said he wouldn’t like to be a member of any club that would accept him as a member?

If you are English and you live in France there are certain questions that you will, at some point be asked. This will be repeated as long as you live there.

1. Why do you live in France?
2. Why do the English drive on the wrong side of the road?
3. Do you eat snails?

The answer to the second question is easy – No, why do the FRENCH drive on the wrong side?

But be ready to tackle the underlying racism in both the question and answer.

The answer to the first is more problematic. The underlying racism is nearer the surface and a “why do YOU?” reply just invites it to float to the top.

And the third question, asked as the molluscs are served to you is really rhetorical.

Anyway, here is my personal quiz that you don’t need to answer, but can if you want.

1. What colour is the wind?
2. If you were given three wishes that would come true then what would they be?
3. What does that N mean?

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