Sunday 5 July 2009

Mrs Cornfield and the Sun

I don't remember how old i was, though obviously quite young, when my mum told me that the strange lump at the front of my neck was an Adams Apple.

As my surname is Adams i naturally assumed that the next door neighbours, their name was Wall, had a Wall Apple and that my school teacher, Mrs Cornfield, had a Cornfield Apple etc etc.

And since it rarely came up as a topic of conversation and since i never studied advanced anatomy i lived in innocence until....well fairly recently actually.

About the same time my mother carelessly educated me about physiology someone, i suspect it was Mrs Cornfield, told me that the sun set in the West, a fact that is also clearly not true.

That, or West moves.

If i draw a line from where i sat to the setting sun last night and compare it to a line drawn between the same me and the setting sun in winter there would be many degrees difference.

I would also be covered in mosquito bites.

Please could someone explain.

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