Sunday 7 June 2009

Potential Maternity

It’s Mother's Day in France and the local supermarket is giving a single rose to each woman who shops there this weekend. It’s a nice gesture but it turns out you don’t need to be a mum, just female to receive a bloom.

It’s a nice supermarket as supermarkets go – more of a local store, most of the people know each other and the aisles are as likely to have people kissing each other hello as they are to have fruit or veg.

The cashier, possibly the owner's wife, who had turned up this afternoon saying, “I fancy working” gave a single stemmed flower to the woman in front of me explaining that it was for mother’s day.

The lady took the rose, thanked the casher and said, “I’m not a mother”.

The cashier replied, “You could be”.

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