Wednesday 24 June 2009

Facebook Follies

I’ve seen a lot of people play the Didgeridoo, but I have only seen one person use the same technique to play the exhaust manifold of a Ford Escort.

The last time I saw him was by chance in a bar on a back street in Barcelona, somewhere between the Miro Museum and the Ramblas.

At the time I was a little angry with him, he had been part of a duo that led to my partnership breaking up acrimoniously. The anger had subsequently abated when I learnt that his female ex-lover partner had shacked up with my male ex-professional partner and led to him having to leave what was promising to be an emotionally ugly, artistically beautiful project.

I think I saw him as a victim rather than villain and would once more be able to admire his exhaust pipe playing.

Yesterday he, or the computer as proxy, asked to be my Face Book Friend, and although there are almost 20 years of sometimes-murky water under the bridge I will not be acquiescing to this invite.

If he reads this I hope he will realise that this is not because of HIM, the past or even the fictitious Didgeridoo Purist Society but simply because I can’t be bothered with anything Face Book ever since another friend, co-incidentally my ex-professional partner, invited me to join in order to view the photos of his brother-in-law-best-friend’s uncle’s second cousin thrice removed’s wedding photos.

You know what I mean.

In fact if you are the source any of the several hundreds, well tens, of Face Book Friend requests that I have received please understand that I just ignore all Face Book generated mail and am not avoiding YOU personally even if you are one of the frightfully high percentage of ex-lovers that seem to gravitate to its pages.

I would love to hear from (most) of you in any other way and if you can play the Ford Escort exhaust manifold, come for a long weekend.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't blame the didgeridoo player or his ex entirely for the dissolution of the juggling partnership. I think you would have to factor in the communications within the juggling partnership which was strained at the time and had been for some while. I don't believe blame can or should be apportioned I do think the duo had a limited shelf life in any case.

It was a great show.

Just my 2 Euro cents worth as an impartial observer. :-) Your milage may differ.

popps said...

No my milage doesn't differ, except now i use Km, as i hope you can see from the post i am not blaming anyone for anything (i think). Please correct me if i'm wrong.

I would love, however, to start a philospohical discussion with you about the exact difference you see between "factoring in" and "blaming".

And why does any duo have a "limited shelf life"?

Except when death does it part?