Wednesday 6 May 2009


When i fist started this blog i didn't see sense in adding videos that could be seen elsewhere.

Then i came across one that i really liked and embedded it in a post so that i could access it easily.

Over time a few others have appeared in these pages and the blog, for me, has become a museum of ideas, thoughts, images, quotes and inspiration. A scrapbook of imagination.

The video today reeks of England, from the cricket sweater of the composer to the London clay brick houses behind him.

I wonder if you ever loose the roots of your origins when you move to another country. Can you ever really take on a new nationality?

Thousands of people do - does it mean that their past was unloved, or that their future more cherished?

Anyhow this blog has several videos and you can learn how to survive in a fairy tale and learn to count with the movies.

In December 2008 i tried to create a blog advent calendar that contained many video clips all involving doors.

In December 2009 i tried again!

In 2008 i took part in the Seattle 48 hour film project, 2 days to create, film and edit something in a genre drawn at random from a hat and with an imposed prop, character and line of dialogue. The result is here.

And there is a link to find lost things.

Then you can see George Best score a DOUBLE hatrick, watch a beach ball cause a few problems and if you missed it relive the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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