Wednesday 15 April 2009


According to an article celebrating fifty years of Barbie Dolls, there are now more Barbies than people in The U.S.A.

This raises eyebrows and awkward questions, like how many the president owns, who is really running the country and how they arrive at this statistic in the first place.

In the same article it is claimed that 72% of girls in Puerto Rico own one.

So i'm wondering if the extraordinary U.S.A. plastic doll population is accounted for by a similar percentage of American females or whether its the boys that have helped the doll pass the human census.

Either way its a stagerring statistic and could enter my personal top three.

1. Apparently more monopoply money is produced world wide than real money. (perhaps for the Barbies).

2. Only 12 people have stood on the moon.

3. 47% of statistics are made up on the spot.


carol said...


not sure if I'm meant to write this here or not...
so I will....
Hmm... I only sent you a message on Facebook cos it told me you sent me one.... think it's running itself.
I hate it too.
Love your statistics.

big smiles : ))))
Carol xxxxxx

popps said...

thanks carol.
why did you change from caroline?

carol said...

is the Word the Machine asked me to write to prove I am not a Machine. This time the Word is
I changed my name because everything else changed around me.
It just felt appropriate... something I could influence..
like my hair colour.
It's not a huge change I might point out. Just dropped the - ine, which I never liked. rhymed with turbine.

popps said...


it rhymed with imagine too.

and carol?

carol said...

Rhymes with barrel if you want to put too fine a point on it!! And as it happens, I am looking rather too much like a barrel at the moment. And that Easter Bunny isn't helping either....

apethosm... Are these words French?

popps said...

barrel of fun!

I don't recognise the words as French, but that doesn't mean they aren't.

I don't recognise myself in the mirror either but i think it's me.

Are you coming here in the summer?

Harold/AQ said...

Good morning!
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