Saturday, 7 February 2009

a foggy day......

A lot of things have been happening of late;

Excessive quantities of water falling out of the sky and refusing to go anywhere else except to lie in malignant huddles around the fields, and especially my front door;

A new president has entered the White House – though some say it should be renamed The Black House

And perhaps most importantly of all, the newspapers report that the fog in the world has diminished by almost fifty percent in the last 30 years – a result linked not to the new presidency but our new old friend Global Warming.

This is not true in my local village – population 258, number of zebra crossings 3 – where the missing fifty percent of Europe’s fog congregates on a daily basis.

Even the people can look foggy; something that probably explains the decision to leave the Christmas tree illuminated in the main, and only square until Jan 28th and then only removed as forecasted gales threatened to tear it from the ground.

The gales came, ripped through the foggy defences and took the main power lines and threw them deep into the river. The fish must have been surprised, maybe shockingly so and the villages were left in the cold and dark for days.

In the local village it was a week, I suspect that the technicians were unable to find the place because of the fog.

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